Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Elegy for Cy

He was one of the last true menchen.
Even in death one may envision
How he might reach down from the heavens
To sew up the garments that were rent
In the deep sorrow of his passing.
Droves and droves came to pay their respects.
Even the rocks, trees, and tall grasses
Bent to the east as the words of the
Prayers for the dead rose in his honor,
And all the birds sang a mournful song.
To say that he had touched many lives
Would be to understate the lasting
Impression that he made on his friends
And his great love for his family,
And in that respect he is not lost,
For fond memories of his kind ways
Will live forever in those of us
Fortunate enough to have known him.

Seymour Alex "Cy" Rudnick, a Kansas City local legend and father of a friend of mine died suddenly on August 23, 2013, having just returned from making aliyah to Eretz Israel and having witnessed the bar mitzvah ceremony of his grandson.  He was seventy-seven.  A tribute to him may be found in the Kansas City Star at

May his memory be a blessing.
יכול הזכרון שלו להיות ברכה

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