Friday, January 11, 2013

Review of "Quantum Entanglement" by Rajan Khanna

"Quantum Entanglement" by Rajan Khanna appeared in Daily Science Fiction on January 11, 2013.  "An eccentric, 'Newtonian' man and his quantum physicist girlfriend have different ideas when it comes to explaining the phenomenon of love."  The editors warn of adult themes and explicit sexual content.

First of all, I love the title.  It is just perfect for this piece--a two-word poem.  I'll say no more, lest my explanation spoil the tale.

Mr. Khanna writes beautifully, weaving his main character's eccentric use of analog cameras into an elaborate metaphor for the mechanics of the universe--pure poetry.  Each scene is a vivid snapshot (literally).  The characters feel real, as do the emotions evoked by their conflicts.

Mr. Khanna admits in his notes that his story was inspired by his fear of losing the love of his life (at the time), and the question of what is love is woven throughout the tale.  Can quantum physics explain love?  Can Newtonian?  Or will love be forever a magical, inexplicable mystery?  The characters debate, the author narrates, but, ultimately, the reader is left to ponder.  And I'll be pondering this tale and that question for some time to come.  Bravo!  7 out of 7 rocket-dragons.

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