Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Results of December 2012 Self-Imposed Writing Challenge

Goal:  Write a new bit of short fiction (or revise current works as appropriate) every day.
Result:  Complied 15 out of 31 possible days.  Goal not met.

Goal:  Update Songs of Eretz Blog daily.
Result:  Goal met.

Goal:  Review posting by Daily Science Fiction every week day
Result:  Goal met.

Goal:  Complete a poem by poem review of the Oct-Dec issue of Star*Line by 12/31/12
Result:  Goal met.

Goal:  Complete a poem by poem review of the 2012 SFPA Contest winners by 12/31/12
Result:  Goal met.

Goal:  Total number of words, including blog, new work, and revision of old work:  50,000
Result:  Blog Total 10,040 + New Total (16 poems, 2 short stories) 8,110 = 18,150.  Goal not met.

Commentary:  Overall, even though I did not meet my new fiction or word total goals, I wrote quite a bit of new fiction.  Writing every day is now a habit, at least on the non-fiction side.  It took real discipline to meet the goals that I met, particularly the poetry reviews.  Mid month, I even added a goal of reviewing Poets.org's Poem-A-Day every day.  So, hooray for me, I guess.

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