Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review of "Call Me Ishmael: Chose Like/Dislike" by Paul di Filippo

"Call Me Ishmael:  Chose Like/Dislike" by Paul di Filippo appeared in the "Plumage from Pegasus" column in the September/October 2012 issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction.  Mr. di Filippo has had his work reviewed in Songs of Eretz twice previously:  "What Immortal Hand or Eye Could Frame Thy Dreadful Copyright"(July 14, 2012), and "Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing" (August 27, 2012).  "Call Me Ishmael..." is similar in theme and tone to the latter.  Here, Mr. di Filippo spoofs, mocks, and satirizes the job and end product of the collaborative social media writer.

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