Friday, July 14, 2017

"Mother Nature’s on the Run" by John C. Mannone

Mother Nature’s on the Run
         After Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush”

I never thought the Sun,
an orb of gold
          could flare
all the way through cold
space ninety-three million miles
          and singe
our souls in the time of apocalypse.

We were too busy
                              making our own fire
bombs, blasting everything we knew.
          This good earth, stained with blood.
It must have been when the rocks cried
        that the Moon yelled
               at the Sun.
It must have been soon after that—
the gold Sun rushed its fire-light.

Only a few of us escaped
                              the tsunami
fireballing at a million miles an hour,
our silver spaceships glinting
          in the hot star

Mother Nature’s on the run, we’re flying
to a new home in the stars
        but nothing’s new, no nothing’s new
under any sun.

--John C. Mannone

Poet’s Notes:  While listening to Neil Young’s title cut from his After the Gold Rush “album” on YouTube,, I was inspired to write this poem. This kind of ekphrasis, like any other art-informing-art work, has often been a good way for me to defeat writer’s block. Sometimes the music sets the mood, and at other times, like with this song, the lyrics inspire the poem. A clear apocalyptic sense is picked up in the closing lyrics, which I adapt and adopt. The structure of the poem goes to a sense of chaos in the aftermath of an apocalypse and the uncertainty of the unknown. 

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