Monday, October 17, 2016

"Benefits of Not Bathing?" by Lauren McBride, Frequent Contributor

Benefits of Not Bathing?
Lauren McBride

One day I skipped my shower.
No one seemed to mind.
No one even noticed
and I saved myself some time -

not to mention all that water,
soap and washcloths, too;
towels, Q-tips, lotion,
and obviously, shampoo.

Hey, I can keep my cash
by not bathing every day.
Am I the only one who sees
the advantages this way?

I could throw away my toothbrush -
save on mouthwash, floss and paste.
Skip the dentist altogether.
All those visits - such a waste!

Now I’m old and wealthy
but bald with a toothless grin.
And I can’t enjoy my money,
‘cause the bank won’t let me in!

Poet’s Notes: When I saw the prompt that became the title of this poem, I knew I wanted my poem to rhyme and be lighthearted, a poem written just for the fun of it. While words can be powerful, sometimes it is nice if they merely provide a momentary distraction, or better yet, a smile.

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