Friday, February 12, 2016

Special Feature: “Faith on the Wind” by John Reinhart, Frequent Contributor and Poet of the Week

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “Faith on the Wind” by John Reinhart, a Songs of Eretz Frequent Contributor and this week’s Poet of the Week.  Mr. Reinhart’s biography may be found in the “About Our Editor & Frequent Contributors” section.

Faith on the Wind
John Reinhart
Animosity cannot grow here
among the shaded groves
and dandelions roaring yellow faith.

Let sunlight burst from fertile earth
between the broken vines;
animosity cannot grow here

when twilight comes and blossoms close
from bright heads to brimming hearts
and dandelions roaring yellow faith.

Children mourn the passing scene
of selfless beauty and of love –
animosity cannot grow here;

their gentle hearts echo the light
from a thousand little suns:
dandelions roaring yellow faith.

In old age, when the world has worn away
the sight of simple gifts,
animosity cannot grow where
dandelions roar their yellow faith.

Poet’s Notes:  My deep-seated sympathy for villains extends to villanelles, loves grown from youthful balladry. Repetition and rhythm more often stand for what rhyme and meter accomplished in previous ages. Dandelions are the ultimate in flower and villain, as ubiquitous and useful as baking soda. My neighbors might scowl at the thought, but I work to cultivate the dandelion, spread the good word, and let it flourish until our neighborhood can be seen from space. No other element from nature features so prominently in my poetry, and I hope my children will plant dandelions when I am left only to enjoy their roots.

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