Friday, July 13, 2012

Review of "The Suicide Witch" by Vylar Kaftan

"The Suicide Witch" by Vylar Kaftan is today's offering from the Daily Science Fiction e-zine (  A witch/mortician enslaved to a Duke in a feudal-China-inspired fantasy world, seizes a chance to escape from bondage when the Duke's son comes to her for aid that only she can render.

Mrs. Kaftan is an expert story-teller--a real craftsman.  Her command of dark imagery puts the reader right into the dank, cellar prison of the witch and creates a mood of horror, revulsion, and hope all at once.  The story is so well-written that the predictable plot may be overlooked.  I debated between 6 and 7 rocket dragons, and finally decided to give it 7.

Mrs. Kaftan is no stranger to short, speculative fiction across all sub-genres.  She has an impressive list of publishing credits, including a Nebula Award nomination.

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