Thursday, July 19, 2012

John Hunt's Premier Serialized Novel, Higher Cause, Now Available for Free Viewing

Dr. Hunt summarizes his premier novel, Higher Cause, as follows:  "The search for a powerful ancient artifact hidden during the Mutiny on the Bounty is the backdrop for a modern day highly topical and suspenseful story.  Petur Bjarnasson battles against mercenary terrorists and violent agents of a Mexican revolution as he gathers investors and scientists to create a vast new source of wealth sufficient to overcome the catastrophic global currency devaluation orchestrated by the world’s central banks."

John and I attended Amherst College together...a long time ago.  We both became somewhat disillusioned doctors, served in the military for a while (Air Force for me, Navy for him), then decided to try our hands at writing for a living.  I was privileged to have a sneak peak at the introduction to Higher Cause and must say I am looking forward to reading the entire work.  The first installment is available for free at: .

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