Tuesday, April 24, 2018

"Why Wouldn't I Marvel?" by Ross Balcom

"Scream" Ink and Watercolor on Paper
By J. Artemus Gordon
Why Wouldn't I Marvel?
Ross Balcom

Why wouldn't I marvel 
at it: immaterial,
imperceptible, its mysteries
indescribable by word
or sign...why wouldn't I marvel?

Why wouldn't I marvel
at its polarizing power:
the way it pushed hostile camps
to opposite sides of a continent
newly divided...why wouldn't I marvel?

Why wouldn't I marvel
when it sucked me from your arms
into a vacuum where I had 
no breath or life, where my screams
were silence...why wouldn't I marvel?

Poet's Notes: This poem is about a powerful force or entity seemingly inimical to human well-being. This force or entity may actually exist. I haven't named it.

Editor’s Note:  This one is a bit of a departure from Ross’ usual offerings, with its longer lines and stanzas.  Interestingly, it still has a distinctive Balcom flavor.  It works for me as standard horror and as a larger metaphor for partisan politics. 

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