Thursday, April 5, 2018

"Share This Location" by Yoni Hammer-Kossoy

Share This Location
Yoni Hammer-Kossoy

"Ibex" Ink on Paper
By J. Artemus Gordon
Drive just drive
and ignore your phone’s insistence
that it knows the quickest route.
Let the highway unspool
into a rutted desert lane,
let verdant fields vanish
into parched copper wilds,
let yourself get lost
and reach a place
without entrance sign
where suddenly it’s clear
the land belongs only to the wind
and wanderings of time.
Maybe you’ll find me when you arrive,
or maybe you’ll see an ibex
browsing on a stroke of grass
before bounding away.
But the blazing sky will be there
and you’ll stand at its brink
as if at the edge of a canyon
gaping into its impossible blue.

Poet’s Notes:  I am generally content to use GPS for navigation, just as I’m happy to look up the exact definition of a word online, order a product with two-day shipping, or benefit from any number of other ways interconnected technology has made modern life easier. And yet, what does it mean that we can no longer “get lost” looking for some unknown word or idea or place? And most importantly, what does that do to our sense of wonder along the way, without which we are truly lost?

Editor’s Note:  Yoni creates a magical moment here while imparting wisdom of which we could all use a good dose these days.  Now get lost :) 

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