Friday, April 13, 2018

Announcing the 2018 1st Grade Poetry Chat Contest Winners

Our Editor-in-Chief recently appeared before Valerie Satterwhite’s 1st Grade class at the Patsy Sommer Elementary School in Austin, Texas via Skype as the special guest poet for a poetry teaching session  The session was facilitated by Nepris  With Dr. Gordon’s help, the children learned how to compose shape poems, acrostics, and traditional haiku, and learned a little about poetic devices.

Several of the first graders submitted poems to Songs of Eretz as part of a special poetry contest just for them.  Two young poets were deemed particularly worthy of recognition by Dr. Gordon and were offered five-dollar honoraria and publication in Songs of Eretz.  Please enjoy, “To Apple from Tree” by Belle Knox and, “Cats” by Sayee Junnare.

To         Apple
From        Tree
Little        Little        Apple
I do! 
Belle Knox

About the Poet:  Isabelle “Belle” Knox is seven years old. She likes to draw, bake, dance, and do gymnastics.

Poet’s Notes:  I wrote this poem because I really like apples. If we didn't have trees to take care of apples, we would not have apples. I did the shape of a tree because I thought it would be more fun.

Teacher’s Note:  It has been a pleasure to see Belle’s confidence grow this school year and her own personality shine.  She has really found a love for expressing herself through art and poetry. 

Editor’s Note:  I enjoy the way the poet uses personification here, which is giving something else properties that only people usually possess.  In this case, the tree (parent) is having a conversation (like a person) with its apples (or children, as apples are full of seeds which could grow into apple trees).  The poem is in the shape of a tree and has the word “apple” twice, making it an apple tree.  I took some editorial liberties with the colors of the words in the presentation and did not include a graphic--this poem is its own graphic.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sayee Junnare

Nice cats 
Mean cats
Hungry cats
Lazy cats 
Sweet cats 
Scratchy cats 
Thirsty cats 
Quick cats 
Cute cats 
Black cats 
Sneaky cats
Cool cats

About the Poet:  Sayee Junnare is six years old.  Her favorite subject is science, and her favorite color is gold. She enjoys roller-skating, drawing animals, writing poems, and training dogs.  She especially likes to swim and play with her dog, Ginger. 

Poet’s Notes:  I like animals so I chose to write about cats. Poems are fun to read. I like to make my own. 

Teacher’s Note:  Sayee is an incredible, kind individual who cares for all people and every living thing. She wants to be a veterinarian, and most of her academic topics revolve around animals, especially dogs and cats. She is extremely bright, hard-working, and a pleasure to teach! 

Editor’s Note:  This one reminds me a little of the work of one of my favorite poets--Dr. Seuss!  Our mascot, Lana the Poetry Dog, thought this one was so good that it almost made her like cats, too--almost!

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