Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Songs of Eretz Poetry E-zine Raises Pay Rate

The premier issue of Songs of Eretz Poetry E-zine will debut in the fall of 2013.  The response to our call for submissions has been encouraging.

We initially offered poets a per-word pay rate of five cents, with a one dollar minimum and five dollar maximum.  This was in an effort to pay a professional rate, within reason, modeled on the rates paid by professional short fiction markets.  Shorter poems would have been paid less; longer poems would have been paid more.

We have changed to paying a flat rate of seven dollars per poem regardless of length, two dollars for reprints.  This change was made in order to acknowledge that the length of a poem is not a measure of its impact, quality, or even of the time spent in its composition.  We have also dropped the 200-word "query first" requirement.

The new pay rate puts the e-zine in a much more competitive sphere of paying poetry markets.  We expect the quality and quantity of submissions will increase accordingly--so please send us your best.

Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD

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