Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review of Aliette de Bodard's "Immersion"

"Immersion" by Aliette de Bodard is a science fiction story of about 7,000 words that appears in the current (June 2012, Issue #69) edition of Clarkesworld (  In the story's disturbing future, clothing-like machines called "immersers" are used to create an "avatar" about the wearer that not only changes the user's appearance but controls the user's thoughts and body language.  Overuse, as may be surmised, has horrifying consequences; underuse has societal consequences that are perhaps even more horrifying.  The use of second person narrative was risky, as it always is, but worked beautifully here. As the story moved back and forth between second and third person, I felt, quite literally, immersed in the story.  "Immersion" is a difficult, but worthwhile, read.

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