Friday, May 25, 2018

"Her Element" by Kaitlyn Vaughn

Her Element
Kaitlyn Vaughn
"Swing" Watercolor on Paper
By J. Artemus Gordon

She drapes herself in a curtain of shame
Drinking constantly ‘til the pain recedes.
Succumbing to a black sleep; all the same
Willing the torment to somehow reprieve.
Tempted by many suitors; she feels lov’d.
Fearing morning light; her life is a mess
She wishes to reach some peace, like a dove.
To the sun’s rays, she is forced to confess
At nighttime she is in her element.
Gliding amongst the pressed bodies; dancing.
Sometimes she wonders where her old self went
Chatting with future lovers; romancing.
Longing to be saved, her life she grips tight
She always holds on for the long nights.

Poet’s Notes:  Offbeat sonnets are my favorite types of poetry to write aside from lengthy narrative ones. This particular sonnet is a play on Sia’s “Chandelier”. I’ve always admired her song because it’s bold and has a disheartening beauty about it. The dancer in her music video also rocks. The song portrays a woman who lives an exciting life at night, but when she gets home she can’t stand herself or reality. It’s as if parties and dating are the only things that can save people such as she, because they can’t seem to stand alone. I’ve seen many people of this generation struggle with this same issue, and it’s saddening.

Editor’s Note:  A song inspired by a song,, Kaitlyn brings ekphrasis to a whole new level.

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