Saturday, November 24, 2012

My 2012 Dwarf Stars Top Three

The following are what I consider to be the top three poems in the Dwarf Stars 2012 anthology.  They will be nominated by me to the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA) for a Dwarf Star award.  For reviews of these and all other poems in the anthology, please refer to my post of November 7, 2012 entitled "Review of Dwarf Stars 2012..."  For a list of my finalists, please refer to my post of November 24, 2012 entitled "My Top Ten..."

First Place:  TiME to Go by Elizabeth Barrette
Second Place:  Macroscopic Propagation by J. E. Stanley
Third Place:  Night Sky by Dietmar Tauchner

SFPA offers both print and .pdf anthologies for sale at

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