Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review of The Stars Do Not Lie by Jay Lake

The Stars Do Not Lie by Jay Lake is one of the novellas featured in the October/November issue of Asimov's Science Fiction.  A scientist on an alternative earth makes an astronomic discovery of Galilean proportions.

Many spec fic stories fall into the category of humans discovering that they are the descendants of aliens, usually in a "twist" ending that is often all too predictable.  However, while Mr. Lake's story falls into this general category, he informs the reader up front about the "twist" and instead explores the impact that such a discovery might have on society as a whole and on individuals within it.  His interesting characters and institutions are inspired by the Spanish Inquisition, the Masons, and our pioneers of scientific discovery.  Also, there are Zeppelins.

I was forced to read the story in more than one sitting because of my schedule, but only with great reluctance.  When you pick up a copy of this issue of Asimov's, my advice is to skip right to the back of the magazine and read this one first.

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