Venues:  We offer three opportunities for publication:  Songs of Eretz Poetry Review published every weekday and occasionally on weekends, the annual Songs of Eretz Poetry Award Contest, and the annual Songs of Eretz Reader's Choice Award Contest.

 Songs of Eretz Poetry Award Contest will officially open for submissions September 1, 2018, and close October 15, 2018; however, early submissions are always welcome http://www.songsoferetz.com/p/song-of-eretz.html.

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is CLOSED for unsolicited submissions of poetry and short poetic prose (limit 833 words).  We do NOT accept unsolicited art submissions at this time. 

Readers Choice Award Contest:  
All non-winning finalists for the Songs of Eretz Poetry Award Contest will be entered for a chance to receive a two hundred dollar honorarium awarded by vote of the readership.

Viewing:  The e-zine is best viewed on a computer screen.  There have been reports of word wrap when viewing on a Smartphone.  Choosing "View web version," which should appear at the bottom of the post, usually corrects the problem.  Switching to landscape mode may also correct the problem.  

Payment for Work Accepted for Publication:
  We offer a professional rate of FIFTY DOLLARS per poem or story.  Payment is made upon publication via PayPal.

Why You Should Submit:  Do you support Songs of Eretz and its mission?  Enjoy our week-daily offerings?  Would like to see us expand and grow?  Would appreciate having your work critiqued by our editorial staff?  Would still support Songs of Eretz even if your work is rejected?  If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, you are encouraged to submit.  

If you answered "no" to any of the above questions, please think carefully before you submit.  In particular, if your primary motivation is money, we respect that, but you are almost certainly going to be disappointed, as only a tiny fraction of submissions will be offered publication.

Donations:  Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is presented as free for viewing and open to the public but is NOT free to produce. We rely on donations from poetry enthusiasts who support our cause in order to stay afloat financially and to continue to provide a quality product/service.  See our DONATIONS page for more information.  Your choice to donate or not to donate and the amount of your donation (if any) will have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the evaluation of your submission.

Our Mission:  Our mission is to bring more good poetic work into the world by featuring and promoting the work of our frequent contributors and guest contest judges and attracting, publishing, and promoting the good work of other good poets and authors.  We have recently expanded our mission to include not only publishing traditional poetry but also prose poems, narrative poems, and short poetic prose.  

Frequent Contributor Status is bestowed upon a select few up-and-coming, and established poets hand picked by the Editor-in-Chief.  Membership in this exclusive group is by invitation only.
What We Consider:  We will consider unpublished poetic work of any genre and no more than 833 words in length.  For additional insight into our editorial process, please read our Duotrope Editor Interview https://duotrope.com/interview/?id=16871.  Please see "Our Mission" for our definition of "poetic work."  We publish mostly poetry, but if you have written a short piece of prose that is chock full of gorgeous imagery, metaphor, and other poetic elements, we want to see it!
Reprint Policy:  Songs of Eretz Poetry Review DOES NOT accept reprints.  However, we DO consider reprints for our annual poetry contests.
What Sets Us Apart:  What makes Songs of Eretz unique is that we feature the poet/author as much as the poetic work.  Each piece is thoughtfully paired with artwork and accompanied by the poet's/author's bio, the poet's/author's notes, and sometimes an editor's note.  In addition, all submissions, whether accepted or rejected, receive personal responses from a member of the editorial staff--a courtesy that is almost unheard of these days.  

Artwork:  Each poem or story accepted for publication will be thoughtfully paired with artwork chosen by the Art Editor in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief.  Unless attribution is indicated, artwork that appears in Songs of Eretz is taken from free-for-public-use internet sources.

We do not accept unsolicited submissions of artwork at this time.  However, poets/writers may supply their own artwork for consideration to accompany their work, but the final decision as to what art will be used will be that of the Art Editor.

Simultaneous Submissions Policy:  Kindly indicate in your cover letter if yours is a simultaneous submission and notify us immediately if you receive an offer of publication from another venue, preferably before you accept it.

Multiple Submissions Policy:  If you have any work under consideration by us, please wait for a final response before sending more.  If you have any work pending publication by us, please wait until it is published before sending more.  

If you would enjoy additional opportunities to appear in the
 Review, you are encouraged to enter our yearly contests.  Every previously unpublished poem entered in our contests will be considered for publication in the Review.

Response Time:  We do our best to give an initial response within a week or two and a final response within four months, so please query if you have not had at least an initial response within fourteen calendar days.

Email Contact List:  Please indicate in your cover letter if you would like to be added to our email contact list and thereby receive news periodically from Songs of Eretz.  You will NOT be added to our contact list unless you ask to be on it.  Your choice to be added or not to be added to our email list will have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the evaluation of your submission.  

If you later decide that you no longer want to be on the list, just let us know, and you will be removed immediately.  Please do not report as spam an email update that you requested--doing so can get us blacklisted.

Rights to Your Work:  If your work is accepted and you agree to join the ranks of the other fine poets and authors who have been published in the Review, your work will appear as a Poem or Story of the Day or Special Feature.  In exchange, you will grant first worldwide electronic rights, non-exclusive archival rights in perpetuity, and non-exclusive anthology rights in perpetuity.  All other rights will revert to you upon publication, but we would appreciate the courtesy of allowing Songs of Eretz an exclusive for a few months if that is not too much trouble.  We also expect to be acknowledged as the venue of first publication should you reprint your work.

History:  Since its inception in June 2014, the Poetry Review has featured poets and authors with impressive credentials including:

4 Former State Poets Laureate
2 Former Local Poets Laureate
25 Current or Former College/University Professors
18 Current or Former Magazine Editors
A Brams Stoker Award Winner
A Writer's Digest Poetry Award Winner 
An Emerson Prize Winner

Most of the poets and authors published in the Review have had work published in other prestigious journals.  Many have also had collections published.  And many more are up-and-coming poets and writers whose voices are just beginning to be heard.  

Poets and writers from all over the United States and several other countries have contributed to the Review, including:

United States:  Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, & Wisconsin

International:  Australia, Canada, China, England, France, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Philippines, Russia, Spain, & Turkey

Publication:  If your poem or story is selected for publication, you will be asked for (and expected to provide) your bio (which may include your publication credits) and a "poet's notes" or "author's notes" statement but PLEASE wait to be asked for these items.  The wording of your bio and notes may be subjected to gentle editing, but there is no limit as to length.  Once these items are received, publication typically takes place within several months.  

Queries:  Please do not query the status of accepted work until at least six months after receipt of bio and notes.  Such queries prior to six months will be ignored.  Use Editor@SongsOfEretz.com for queries.  

Publication Day:  So as not to miss your special day, consider following Songs of Eretz on Twitter @SongsOfEretz, “friending” our editor "Steven Wittenberg Gordon" on Facebook or linking with him on LinkedIn, or becoming a Follower of Songs of Eretz by clicking on "Join this site" on our homepage.

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