Thank you for considering to make a donation.  Songs of Eretz Poetry E-zine is expensive and time consuming to produce.  The major part of our working budget comes from donations.  Donations are used exclusively to support our mission, which is "to attract, promote, and publish the good poetry of good poets."

We encourage readers to donate twelve dollars a year, but we will gladly accept any lesser amount.  We expect poet submitters to donate three dollars per submission to the e-zine and one dollar per submission to the Review (a submission is up to five poems at a time).

Why Donate?
There are many things that set Songs of Eretz apart from other poetry venues.  What makes Songs of Eretz truly unique is that we feature the poet as much as the poetry.  Each poem is thoughtfully paired with a graphic and accompanied by the poet's bio (unlimited text), the poet's notes (unlimited text), and an editor's note.  In contrast, the vast majority of other poetry venues include nothing more than poems and bylines, perhaps accompanied by a brief bio.  Some might include more for one featured poet per issue.  In Songs of Eretz, every poet is a "featured" poet.  

In addition, all submissions, whether accepted or rejected, receive personal responses from the editor--a courtesy that is almost unheard of these days.  Our response time is second to none.  We usually give an initial response within a day or two.

We also accept simultaneous submissions--most venues don't.  And, we will consider reprints--almost all other venues will only consider previous unpublished material.

How To Donate
To make your donation using PayPal, use for the recipient's email address and indicate "Songs of Eretz Donation" in the message section.

To make your donation using VISA, Mastercard, or Discover:  call us at 913-787-5805, or email us your card information to, or mail your card information to the address below indicated.

To make your donation via personal check, make the check out to Dr. Steven Gordon and put "Songs of Eretz Donation" in the memo section.  Mail it to:

Songs of Eretz
12312 Russell St
Overland Park, KS 66209 

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