Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is OPEN for unsolicited submissions of poetry.

What We Publish:  We publish quality poetry of any genre and length congruent with our monthly themes (see below), including traditional poems, form poems, prose poems, and narrative poems.

What We Pay:  We pay a semi-professional rate of five dollars per poem via Paypal upon publication.  There is no fee to submit.

2019 Monthly Themes & Deadlines
Please submit only for the next up-coming theme indicated in BOLD PRINT.

Month                         Theme                                             Deadline*         Editor
January/February          Winter                                               12/15/18         SWG
February/March            Love                                                   1/13/19          SWG
March/April                  Fantasy & Fairytales                           2/12/19          JFWR
April/May                    Spring                                                 3/15/19          SWG
May/June                       Japanese Form                                   4/15/19           SWG
June/July                      Science & Science Fiction                 5/15/19          JFWR
August                           Sonnets                                               6/15/19             SWG
September                     Prose Poems                                       8/1/19             SWG
October                        Hallowe’en & Horror                         9/1/19           JFWR
November                    Autumn                                              10/1/19          TLC
December                    Christmas/Chanukah/Yule                 11/1/19           SWG


Submit up to THREE poems at a time to Submissions@SongsOfEretz.com.

If you are submitting more than one poem, each poem should appear in a separate email, and each email should include a separate cover letter.   

Your work must appear in the body of your email(s).  WE DO NOT ACCEPT ATTACHMENTS.  If your work needs to be presented in an attachment due to special formatting, query first.

Your Subject Line should read "Poetry Submission [Title of Poem] [Monthly Theme]."

If your poem has multiple numbered sections, each section will "count" as ONE poem.  If your poem contains more than three sections, query first. 

Include a cover letter in the body of your email(s) with answers to the following questions:
- Is yours is a simultaneous submission or not?  We DO accept them.
- How did you discover Songs of Eretz?
- How would you like us to indicate your name if we publish your work (ie: your byline, for example, "By Sammie Smith")?  NOTE:  We do NOT accept work composed by a collaboration of poets.
- What is your contact information?  Include at least your city, state, and phone number.  Include your country if you reside outside of the United States.
- Would you like to be added to our email list and receive news periodically from Songs of Eretz?  NOTE:  If you do not answer this question, you will NOT be added to our email list.  Your choice to be added or not to be added will have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the evaluation of your submission. 

Please do NOT include anything else along with your submission (such as your bio, credits, or explanatory notes).  In particular, if you believe your poem requires an explanation, please revise it until it doesn't.

Reprint Policy:  We DO NOT accept reprints.

Simultaneous Submissions Policy:  We accept sim subs.

Multiple Submissions Policy:  Please wait until after your poems are published in or rejected by Songs of Eretz before sending more.

Artwork:  Poems accepted for publication may be thoughtfully paired with artwork chosen by the Art Editor in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief.  Unless attribution is indicated, artwork that appears in Songs of Eretz is taken from royalty-free internet sources.

We do not accept unsolicited submissions of artwork at this time.  However, poets may supply their own artwork for consideration to accompany their work, but the final decision as to what art will be used (if any) will be that of the Art Editor.

Response Time:  We do our best to respond within a few days of submission.  Please query if you have not received a response in fourteen calendar days.

Feedback:  Every poem submitted, whether accepted or rejected, will receive personal feedback from a member of our editorial staff--from a few kind words to a mini-critique. 

Email Contact List:  Please indicate in your cover letter if you would like to be added to our email contact list and thereby receive news periodically from Songs of Eretz.  You will NOT be added to our contact list unless you ask to be on it.  Your choice to be added or not to be added to our email list will have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the evaluation of your submissions.  

If you later decide that you no longer want to be on the list, just let us know, and you will be removed immediately.  Please do not report as spam an email update that you requested--doing so can get us blacklisted.

Rights to Your Work:  If your work is accepted and you agree to join the ranks of the other fine poets who have been published in the Review, your work will appear in the next monthly issue.  In exchange, you will grant Songs of Eretz first worldwide electronic rights, non-exclusive archival rights in perpetuity, non-exclusive anthology rights in perpetuity, and the exclusive right to reprint your work as part of a Songs of Eretz art sale in perpetuity.  If your work is reprinted as part of an art sale, you may be paid an unspecified modest royalty at the discretion of Songs of Eretz.  

All other rights will revert to you upon publication, but we would appreciate the courtesy of allowing Songs of Eretz an exclusive for a few months if that is not too much trouble.  We also expect to be acknowledged as the venue of first publication should you reprint your work.

Queries:  Use Editor@SongsOfEretz.com for queries.

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